Our Bespoke Process


It's likely that you've already done some research into the designs you love. If not, we can help inspire you whether it be for a ring, pendant, earrings, bracelet etc. We're here to turn that design idea into a reality.



Come in for an initial consultation for us to understand what you're looking for. We will speak to you about finger size, gemstones, measurements and metals. Once we have a clear design in mind, we will create a CAD design (computer aided design) to give you a 3D visual of what the piece will look like. Any design changes can be made at this stage. Once you are happy with the design, we will begin the making process.



This will then be sent into our workshop where we have a highly experienced team of jewellers and diamond setters. Your custom made piece will be made from Australian gold and conflict free diamonds.



We'll take care of the rest ~ When your piece is completed, we will call you to collect your new treasure.