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  • by Mark Wildman
Australian Chocolate Diamonds have been sourced from Australian Argyle Diamond Mines, Western Australia. As the world's largest supplier of natural coloured diamonds, these mines are renowned for elegant champagne and signature pink diamonds

The cutting parameters for white diamonds and Australian Chocolate Diamonds are significantly different; where white diamonds are cut to mask their colour, Australian Chocolate Diamonds are specifically cut to enhance their natural colour and unique characteristics. Our team of professional diamonds cutters achieve a minimum grade of VG VG in Symmetry and Polish. Such precision in diamond cutting will capture and bring to life the true brilliance of your Australian Chocolate Diamond.

With the confidence of Independent Grading behind every piece, you will be assured in the knowledge your diamond has been Certified and Laser Inscribed for added security. My Diamond Story allows your Australian Chocolate Diamond to tell it's own story by recording each step of it's journey to you.

Australian Chocolate Diamonds are guaranteed to be beyond conflict free. Producing only ethical and sustainable diamonds by complying with The Kimberly Process Certification scheme, Australian Chocolate Diamonds are free from human rights abuses and ensures ongoing environmental sustainability.

Be proud in owning your very own unique and stunning piece of Australia's natural beauty.

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Australian Chocolate Diamonds and exclusive jewellery pieces
Shop 1, 15 Bungan Street, Mona Vale
No appointments necessary

8 - 10 November, 2018

Thursday 8th November, 9.30am to 7pm
Friday 9th November, 9.30pm to 5pm
Saturday 10th November, 9am to 4pm

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