• The diamond of your dreams

    The diamond of your dreams

    I would like to introduce myself as your local Antwerp Diamond Broker.

    Over 80% of all diamond rough is first traded in Antwerp, Belgium - the diamond capital of the world. As an Antwerp Diamond Broker, we have direct access to the Antwerp diamond market, and visit to personally select diamonds for our customers.

    We visit several large diamond merchants in the diamond district. At each office, we examine many parcels of diamonds in our search for the best diamond for our customers. Quite often, over 100 diamonds will be sorted and graded before a final selection is made.

    This year, we are doing things a little differently. With the current restrictions on international travel, we will be doing this buying trip, VIRTUALLY! This means, we will be selecting the diamonds direct with the supplier via face to face calls.

    By dealing direct with the source, and by being able to select the best diamonds available, we can deliver high quality diamonds at very good prices.

    How will this work?

    Step 1: Select your favourite style or custom design.

    Step 2: Select the diamond of your dreams.

    Step 3: Now leave the rest to us, your Antwerp Diamond Broker

    Virtual trip begins September 21st, 2020


    So if you would like to own a spectacular diamond, contact us to discuss your diamond needs.


    Mark Wildman


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