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Your Diamond direct from Antwerp

Your Diamond direct from Antwerp


Mark Wildman of MarkBridge Jewellers in Mona Vale will shortly be travelling to the Diamond Capital of the World… Antwerp, Belgium – where two thirds of the world’s diamonds are traded. While there, Mark will have the opportunity to buy direct from the major Antwerp cutters and pass significant savings on to customers in the Northern Beaches. Pictured here, Mark is selecting a diamond for sale to one of their customers.


MarkBridge Jewellers has direct access to the Antwerp diamond trade as the area’s exclusive member of the Nationwide Jeweller Group.


“It is generally out of reach for a single jewellery store or small chain to buy direct in Antwerp”, said Mark. “One of the benefits of our Nationwide Jewellers membership is that we become a direct importer of Antwerp diamonds and can save our customers the normal middleman’s fee. We are very excited about our ability to offer this unique service to our customers, and look forward to making their diamond dreams come true.” Mark Wildman


Stop by to take a look at the most beautiful diamonds in the world, at exceptional values.




For additional information, contact

Mark Wildman

MarkBridge Jewellers

02 9997 6043

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