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Maurice Lacroix Watches

Maurice Lacroix Watches

We are very excited to now be stocking the luxury watch brand, Maurice Lacroix. This is a gorgeous Swiss watch brand that stands out of the crowd with it's unique, distinctive and striking personality. Some pieces are refined and crisp in design, some have a very cool and intricate skeleton dial, and some feature sapphires and rubies.

Why we love it?

Maurice Lacroix was Mark's first luxury watch purchase ~ a Calypso 2 tone in 1992 ~ igniting his passion for watches. So, there is definitely some sentimental value behind them for us. However, they are the very reason some people begin watch collecting. The finishing, creativity and mechanics are of an extremely high standard, which is evident in the design and working. But it's more about how it feels ~ You know you are wearing a powerful and elegant watch the moment you put it on your wrist. 
Mark's first Maurice Lacroix Watch



Over the centuries, to the credit of the innovative spirit and perfectionism of its watchmakers, Switzerland has earned a one-of-a-kind reputation. Maurice Lacroix is committed to uphold this tradition and high standard of watch making craftsmanship. For more than 40 years, Maurice Lacroix watches have been manufactured in the company’s own state-of the-art workshops in Saignelegier. Here, all factors critical to the successful production of excellent watches with high perceived value converge: watch making know-how, skilled craftsmanship, industrial expertise, technological capability, and, not least, a pronounced sense of quality.


The precious mechanical timepieces of Maurice Lacroix have been produced with utmost precision and perfection by experienced watchmakers in their own watchmaking facilities. Where the fine finishing work and the assembly of sometimes microscopically small movement parts are concerned, the experienced hand of the watchmaker and profound knowledge passed down from one watchmaker generation to the next are still very much in demand.
Come on down and try one on for yourself!

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  • Those rest watches are really nice. Each of them has different way of telling the time. I prefer those rest watch that are made out of leather handle not the ones made with iron cause the once made with iron hut the skin and leave scar. I really love watches. Thanks for this article.


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